High Level Training Basketball Camps

Organised by NBL Asia in collaboration with Kuching Basketball Association and NBL Arena, basketball camps were held in May and June 2019, modelled after Reggie Stovell’s High Level Training:

Camp I (May 28 – 30, 2019) @ NBL Arena, Kuching No. of Participants: 18
Camp II (May 31 – June 2, 2019) @ NBL Arena, Kuching No. of Participants: 22
Camp III (June 4 – 6, 2019) @ House of Champions, Cyberjaya No. of Participants: 28

In each camp, participants went through up to 6 training sessions comprising warm-ups, physical strength workouts, pep talks by Coach Reggie Stovell himself and various skill-specific training such as dribbles, defense techniques, shooting and ended with mini tournaments, with Coaches Foong Min Joe and Lim Seng Seng Jun from NBL Asia assisting in all the sessions.

About Reggie Stovell and High Level Training:

Reggie Stovell graduated from Tufts Univeristy and played basketball professionally in France and Germany for 3 years. He has previously served as a fitness and training instructor at The White House, US Navy, USDA and several other prominent offices in the Washington DC.

High Level Training was founded by Reggie Stovell in early 2012 and is a multi-purpose training company devoted to helping people reach their fitness goals. In today’s world, “working out” is an essential part in our lives. Whether it is for one’s health, stress relieving and/or sports preparation, High Level Training combine industry expertise with a tireless work ethic which hopefully inspires and ignites a “flame” within potential trainees – influencing them to work hard and diligently towards achieving their goals. Over the years, basketball training and camps have been added to the model. High Level Training’s basketball training focuses on skill development, functional training and lots of fun! .