Holiday Hoops Challenge 2018

The Holiday Hoops Challenge is in its 3rd year now, targetting students ages 17 years and below. Held at the House of Champions, Gem In Mall from April 20 to 22, 2018, the event leveraged on the March /April School Holidays or Summer Break to cater to both domestic and international participants.

The Holiday Hoops Challenge was aimed to provide platform for both players and coaches to train and also participate in friendly matches internationally and experience further provided opportunities for culture exchanges as well as acted as a form of promotion of the sport itself.

There were in total 10 teams from local and international participating groups at this event. They are:
  • Alpines DNA (Selangor. Malaysia)
  • Binar Sports (Perth, Australia)
  • Jalan Davidson Alumni (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Kemuning BC (Selangor, Malaysia)
  • Kwang Hua Private High School (Selangor, Malaysia)
  • Pioneer XIl (Selangor, Malaysia)
  • Sek Sultan Alam Shah (Putrajaya, Malaysia)
  • Sharks SMS Dungun (Terengganu, Malaysia)
  • TSABA (Selangor, Malaysia)
  • Yak Chee (Selangor, Malaysia)