Basketball Bootcamps 2018: Cyberjaya Basketball Skill Camp

Held over a period of three days, from March 23 to 25. 2018, at the House of Champions, Gem In Mall, the Cyberjaya Basketball Skill Camp was an intensive one coached by Mr Gary Lynn Zuko and assisted by NBL Asia employees, Mr Lim Seng Jun and Mr Foong Min Joe.

The camp was organised to provide appropriate grounds for grooming and harnessing talents students during their semester or school breaks. The objective of the camp is to enhance skills and techniques relevant to the sport itself and to further expose students to fitness training.

Some of the essential techniques taught and coached during the camp were: offence and defence methods, ball handling. screening and shooting. Further to that. the camp also provided opportunities for students to be in mini tournaments such as 3×3 and focus group role plays that allowed them to play against each other akin to real matches. The outcome of the 3-day camp was beneficial to participants as they learned, refreshed and exchanged knowledge and experiences amongst themselves.

The Cyberjaya Basketball Skill Camp saw participation of more than 60 local and international students, mainly students from Pin Hwa and Penang International School.